You need a lot of fuel to feed three billion people who still use wood to cook!

With the new stoves, my eyes don't water, my chest doesn't hurt, my back doesn't ache, and the baby on my back has stopped crying.”

Hajia Hadizah Ismail, Head Cook, Bida Secondary Girls' School, Bida, Nigeria

  • How do you cook this much without deforesting whole countries?
  • How do you prevent 5 million deaths annually — 3.5 million more than AIDS — from the respiratory diseases caused by cook smoke?
  • How do you decrease the assault, rape, and abduction of women who gather the firewood, especially in conflict zones?
  • How do you prevent horrendous, life-altering burns caused by cook fires -- or dramatically reduce the climate-changing emissions released by all this cooking?

What if there was a solution that addressed all these problems -- all at once?

There is!

InStove is about solutions.