HEARTH 2017 -- Household Energy And Renewable Technologies for Humanity

August 17 - 20th, 2017

79099 Hwy 99N Cottage Grove, Oregon

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Foundation Speakers

We are thrilled by your interest in HEARTH, the Household Energy and Renewable Technologies for Humanity conference. We at InStove launched it in 2016 to bring together folks who work with technology in community-based development.

It is a place for donors and aligned nonprofits to find each other; for students to connect their studies and inventions to real opportunities; for volunteers to ignite their passion; and a place for researchers, program officers and professionals to exchange experiences; and a place where everyone can learn from each other.

But why Oregon? For one, Oregon punches above its weight in international development. It is home to many nonprofits and foundations that support aid, relief, and development. It’s the home of innovative companies that develop basic-needs solutions. It’s home to vibrant universities that connect students to humanitarian work. And at the intersection of it all, Cottage Grove has been a cluster for clean cookstove innovation since the movement was born right here 40 years ago.

HEARTH is a place where the community can come together to learn, share, celebrate, collaborate, connect—and even camp—on our campus in picturesque Lane County on the banks of the Coast Fork Willamette River.

We hope that you will join us in making this event all that it can be.

Featured Speakers


Fred Colgan

Fred Colgan, Founder and Executive Director, InStove

In 2007, Fred partnered with Damon Ogle to design the first InStoves. A trained educator and builder, Fred’s work has led InStove to be recognized as one of the Most Sustainable Technologies in the world, and in 2016 he was honored by U.S. Senator Merkley with the Bending Toward Justice award. InStoves are now in 40 countries.

Alanna Miel

Alanna Miel, Chief Partnership Officer, InStove

Has spent over fifteen years in the leadership, management, and operations of international nonprofit work with AED and International Medical Corps. She holds a Masters in Leadership and Management from the University of Maryland, a BA in International Affairs from Lewis & Clark College, and is the Chief Partnership Officer at InStove.

Vahid Jahangiri

Vahid Jahangiri, Deputy Director, International Lifeline Fund

Vahid has successfully launched operations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, Congo and Haiti. As a member of the SAFE initiative, Vahid serves on the Strategic Advisory Committee for UNHCR’s Global SAFE Strategy and advises the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) on SAFE initiatives in humanitarian settings. Vahid has extensive knowledge in program implementation, fuel technologies design, testing and M&E in both refugee and post conflict settings with an emphasis on Eastern Africa and in Haiti.

Luke Barratt

Luke Barratt, Director, Christadelphian Meal-A-Day Fund of the Americas

Luke is an engineer from Cal Poly, whose work with Truth Corps in Jamaica, India and Ecuador led to joining the board of the faith-based foundation Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas which funds a broad range of project types in Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. One of seven directors of the foundation, Luke has an interest in learning more about trends in the sector, developing a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by implementing nonprofits, and connecting with amazing people and organizations changing the lives for good.

Rachel Brunette

Rachel Jagoda Brunette, Program Officer, Lemelson Foundation

Rachel Jagoda Brunette manages the Foundation’s work in its home state of Oregon, where her work enhances the local ecosystem that inspires Oregonians to invent, supports invention education, and nurtures young inventors in taking their idea to impact through new businesses.

Charlie Bressler

Charlie Bressler, CEO, The Life You Can Save

One of our Keynote Speakers, Charlie is the Executive Director of The Life You Can Save, a non-profit that is dedicated to dramatically reducing extreme poverty and its devastating effects on over 700 million men, women and children globally. Through his financial support and leadership, Charlie has helped Peter Singer develop TLYCS from the ground up.

Stew Martin

Stew Martin, Rotary International

International Service Chair, and Water and Sanitation Resource Chair for District 5100 of Rotary. Stew has spent 23 years with Rotary, and will next year lead a mentoring program for how to bring Global Grants to fruition.

Eric Reise

Eric Reise, Ambassador, ShelterBox

Ambassador with ShelterBox for the last 7 years, and a Rotarian for over 20, Eric will share the Rotary partnership model by which ShelterBox has grown to scale as an international nonprofit providing shelter, warmth, and recovery for people in man-made and natural disasters. Apolitical, non-denominational, non-religious, ShelterBox has grown to be among the most recognized and fastest-responding international shelter charities, even in traditionally unserved regions (e.g. North Korea).

Paul Means

Paul Means, Executive Director, Burn Design Lab

Paul Means- A career energy engineer and now the Executive Director of Burn Design Lab in Vashon, Washington. Paul has extensive experience in biomass combustion & energy systems and nearly a decade of experience working with improved cookstoves.

Sebastian Africano

Sebastian Africano, Executive Director: Trees, Water & People

Sebastian is the Executive Director of the Fort Collins‐based Trees, Water & People (TWP), an NGO with a mission to improve people's lives by helping communities protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends. Sebastian holds an MBA from Colorado State University, where he is also Affiliate Faculty with the Warner College of Natural Resources, and teaches Global Sustainability in the Key Communities program.

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson, Executive Director, Green Empowerment

Green Empowerment partners with communities in developing countries, and through community organizing, improves access to affordable and renewable energy, safe drinking water, sanitation systems, and fuel efficient cook stoves. Since taking the reins of Green Empowerment in 2016, Andrea has overseen the launch of Global PDX, a membership organization for Pacific Northwest international nonprofits and interested parties, as a project of Green Empowerment staff.

Nordica MacCarty

Dr. Nordica MacCarty, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, OSU

A mechanical engineer and faculty at Oregon State University, her work focuses on the application of these and other interdisciplinary tools to the design and implementation of energy systems for households in developing countries. She is a director of OSU’s Humanitarian Engineering Program, and a leader in the design and optimization of cookstoves. In 2017, she was recognized with the “Elevating Impact Award” by Portland State University and the Lemelson Foundation.



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