To Haiti: Five Stoves, one Autoclave and An Engineer

Haiti OrphansKids play with, and help adults unpack, the new stoves for the orphanage kitchen.

In July, 2015, InStove connected with Give Hope Global, a non-profit working to support El Shaddai ministries, a facility in Cambry, Sud department (state) that feeds, houses and educates 200 orphans. Give Hope quickly understood the impact it would have to partner with InStove in bringing renewable energy technology to their facility.

With a little help from the Good Works Institute and InStove’s community of donors, Give Hope procured 5 stoves for the kitchens where previously, cooks prepared food over dirty, open charcoal burners, breathing fumes for hours each day while cooking hundreds of meals. Additionally, the unsustainable charcoal (made from dwindling forest resources in Haiti, which has a 97% deforestation rate) was costing the orphanage $400 each month. Now, the kitchen can sustainably cook on sticks collected on the property and in the vicinity, reducing their fuel budget to almost $0!

Haiti cook with stove"Now I can wear my church clothes to work!" one cook told us.

InStove also sent an autoclave unit to their clinic—a facility which previously had no way to safely sterilize medical equipment or waste.

InStove Director of Research and Development Nick Moses, accepted an invitation from Give Hope Global's director to accompany the Give Hope team on their trip to install the stoves in early October.

Because the stoves are all vented to outside the kitchen, the cooks can breathe easier.

“This is exciting,” said one of them, “Now I can wear my church clothes to work!”

Give Hope is excited about the prospect of the stoves to reduce fuel costs and help protect the health of the orphans, the staff, and the local environment. They are planning to install three more stoves in a nearby orphanage in the future.

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Lucy StoveThis stove was dedicated in memory of Lucy D'ippolito, a New Yorker and grandmother who liked to make sure everyone was fed, and as her granddaughter tells us, used to pull pots from the oven with her bare hands.


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