Stove Summit 2016

This summer, InStove joins Stove Team International to co-host Stove Summit, a four-day conference dedicated to solving global humanitarian and environmental challenges through a combination of field demonstrations, capacity-building workshops, high-level sessions presented by clean-cooking thought leaders, and networking with stove-sector professionals in a relaxed environment at the InStove campus on the banks of the Willamette River.

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Stove Summit is a unique opportunity to learn about the state of the art in improved cookstoves from the leaders in the field, funders, partners, and experts in project implementation and evaluation.

Presenting at Stove Summit will be representatives from (among others):



Additional workshops will focus on stove designs, including a workshop on top-lit updraft stoves by Paul "Dr. TLUD" Anderson, and a hands-on, practical workshop on rocket stove building by Flip and Jon Anderson, international cookstove consultants, and finally, seasons on effective philanthropy and measuring impacts.

Attend Stove Summit, and stay the following week for Stove Camp, hosted by Aprovecho.

For this first year, we are limiting attendance to 150. If you are a stove-, or related-sector professional and would like to present on a topic of interest to our audience of academic, philanthropic, and development professionals, please fill out the 1-step abstract submission form at the link below (deadline July 10th)

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If you are interested in attending Stove Summit, you may sign up, and pay, at the link below:

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Following the Stove Summit is Aprovecho Research Center’s Stove Camp, a hands-on workshop for inventors of biomass stoves and their implementors. If you are an inventor, it is a time to test and publicize your technology. The lab hoods and ARC staff will be open to you for the week so that you can optimize your stove and give people evidence of its performance. If you are an implementor it is a time to learn what technology is available and how you might use it to help people in developing countries who suffer from the affects of indoor air pollution and fuel scarcity. For everyone this is a time to get your hands dirty and turn your ideas into a reality. Contact Mike Hatfield for more information or visit

We look forward to sharing understandings with you under the Yew tree at Stove Camp.