Safer Hospitals for Zambia

surgeonsHelp prevent infections and protect patient health with InStove.

In the three weeks since we announced our double match campaign, we've raised $5,128 toward our goal of $7,000. With just three days remaining, can you help us meet the goal?

While all InStove projects help to relieve suffering, improve health, and reduce harm to the environment, with this Safer Hospitals project, InStove will start preventing infections and savings lives, from the very first day. Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) are the most common type of infection experienced by patients, and autoclaving/sterilizing medical equipment and dressings can help prevent these infections. However, autoclaves are usually electric, making them expensive or impractical in many health centers.

In this project, InStove will provide 10 autoclaves to the Churches and Health Association, Zambia--whose 151 Hospitals and health institutions make up 35% of all healthcare in the country! This small pilot will lay the groundwork making every health center in Zambia safer through reliable access to sterilization that does not require electricity! 

For the next three days, until Midnight June 30th, every dollar you donate to InStove will be matched--TWICE--up to our goal of $7,000 to provide a container of autoclaves to Zambia!

With your help, this initial $7,000 will become $21,000 which will place 10 autoclaves in CHAZ hospitals. This pilot will provide a model for impact and replication that can be scaled up to eventually provide all 151 health facilities with autoclaves that can sterilize medical equipment--when the power goes out in urban areas, or where the power doesn't reach in rural areas!

This is the most exciting, most urgent, and most life-saving opportunity that InStove has ever had. We hope you will help carry us across the finish line and make the most of the last $1,872 that remains in our double-match campaign, by donating at the link below.



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