20 Liter Stove

20 Liter Stove20 Liter Stove with patent-pending downfeed fuel chute can operate unattended for up to one hour on sticks.

Since InStove's inception, our focus has been institutional stoves of large capacity. With the 20 Liter Stove, InStove offers a compromise between household and institutional stove.

Based on InStove’s best-in-class (http://catalog.cleancookstoves.org/stoves) 60 and 100 Liter institutional rocket stoves, the 20 Liter Stove's balance of portability and capacity makes it ideal for small institutions and communities, mobile kitchens and emergency situations, or as a companion to one of our larger models.

The 20 Liter Stove includes a patent-pending self-feed firebox, which can hold enough fuel to burn for up to an hour with no tending or refueling. Stainless steel construction provides an extended lifespan and protection from the elements, and each stove comes with a removable chimney, ash tray, folding fuel chute, and stainless steel or aluminum pot and lid.

At about two feet wide and a foot and a half tall, and weighing in at 45 pounds, the stove is small and light enough to be shipped as checked baggage. It is also designed to work with the All-American brand pressure cooker/canners and medical sterilizers with 15 to 30 quart capacities. Some key attributes include:

-Boils 10L water in 25 min; runs pressure cooker cycle in 20 minutes
-Over 40% thermally efficient (used with pots provided)
Self-feeding design allows unit to run unattended for up to an hour
-Compatible with All-American models 915, 921, 925, and 930 pressure cooker/canners, 
and model 1915 and 1925 medical sterilizers (sold separately)
-Designed to run for 5+ years of daily use
-Sides remain safe to the touch while in operation and the stove is resistant to tipping
-Comes with integral carrying handles and is designed to fit as checked luggage on an airliner

Whether for orphanages in Haiti, clinics in Tanzania, or off-grid cabins in North America, the 20 Liter Stove is an efficient, fuel-flexible, multi-use stove.

View more information on the 20 Liter Stove price and technical details here.

Contact info@instove.org to order.

(Note: 4-week lead time for stoves ordered summer 2016.)

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