HEARTH 2018 -- Household Energy And Renewable Technologies for Humanity

August 16 - 19th, 2018

79099 Hwy 99N Cottage Grove, Oregon

Foundation Speakers

HEARTH, launched in 2016, brings together people and organizations working with technology in international development. It is a place for donors and aligned nonprofits to find each other, for students to connect their studies and inventions to real opportunities, for volunteers to ignite their passion, a place for researchers, program officers and professionals to exchange experiences, and a place where everyone can learn from each other.

• Building Partnerships and Allies
• Stoves and Renewable Energy
• Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
• Panel Discussions

Our event is divided into four days, Thursday to Sunday, August 16th to 20th, 2018. Each day offers two tracks: 1) Focusing on technologies and program design, 2) Focusing on management and policy.
• Onsite, no-cost camping is available at our Campus
• Limited student/low-income scholarships are available

For more information, please contact Ahavah:
• (541) 942-9519

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Institutional Stove Solutions (InStove) is dedicated to relieving suffering, improving health, and reducing harm to the environment through the design and delivery of efficient biomass stoves and allied technologies to vulnerable populations worldwide. InStoves are in 31 countries, and the highest scored stoves in the world by the ISO/IWA performance tiers according to the US EPA.