You need a lot of fuel to feed three billion people who still rely on wood to cook!


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InStove implements safe, clean, and highly efficient institutional cookstoves and allied technologies in an integrated approach to serving the world’s poorest communities.

InStove technologies are now in service in 31 countries around the world, including 19 countries in Africa.


Why Clean Cookstoves?

With the new stoves, my eyes don't water, my chest doesn't hurt, my back doesn't ache, and the baby on my back has stopped crying.”

Hajia Hadizah Ismail, Head Cook, Bida Secondary Girls' School, Bida, Nigeria

Three stone fire and other inefficient cooking methods – used by almost half of the world’s people every day – cause serious problems for human health and the environment:

  • Indoor air pollution from burning solid fuels like wood causes 4.3 million premature deaths each year, is the leading cause of premature deaths among children, and is a major contributor to climate change.
  • Firewood harvesting is responsible for half of global deforestation and can lead to the assault, abduction, or rape of the women and girls responsible for gathering it.
  • Unstable and unsafe cooking techniques frequently cause debilitating, life-altering burns.

This toll on human health and well-being is paid almost exclusively by women and children.

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Our Solutions

InStove’s wood and biomass burning institutional rocket stoves offer dramatic improvements over traditional cooking techniques. They are safe, stable, and vent to the outdoors to protect people from the effects of indoor air pollution. Their high-efficiency design reduces fuel use by 75-90% and harmful emissions by more than 90%, dramatically reducing the time, cost, and danger associated with collecting fuel, as well as pressure on our forests and atmosphere. InStoves often pay for themselves in a matter of months through fuel savings, alone.

We have also developed supporting technologies that work with our stoves to provide economical clean drinking water at the community scale, practical medical instrument sterilization and medical waste processing, and sustainable biomass fuel briquettes.


Our Production Strategies

We build stoves at both our factory in Cottage Grove, Oregon in the US, and overseas with our Factory-in-a-Box production method. American manufacturing ensures that we can deliver stoves rapidly to all parts of the world, while overseas factories help boost local economies and lower manufacturing and shipping costs – meaning more stoves can be built and more people served.

The first InStove overseas facility was installed in Nigeria in the summer of 2012. Our vision is to eventually source the great majority of production to the regions that need our stoves the most.

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