Our Team

In order to accomplish our mission, InStove's team consists of directors with specific areas of responsibility supported by additional staff, consultants, volunteers and community members.


Fred Colgan, Co-founder and Executive Director

Fred Colgan

Fred is a retired carpenter and homebuilder, who moved to Oregon with wife Lise in 2005. During his four years as a volunteer with Aprovecho Research Center, he partnered with Damon Ogle to design the Institutional Stove. See Fred's full profile.

Damon Ogle, Co-founder and Director of Technology

Damon Ogle

Damon joined Aprovecho in 2003 as a volunteer. He is the co-developer of Aprovecho emissions equipment, including the Portable Emissions Measurement System and the Indoor Air Pollution Meter. Damon also designed the 60-Liter Institutional Stove and was a collaborator on the Factory-in-a-Box model. See Damon's full profile.

Adam Creighton, Media, Communications and Development Director

Adam Creighton

Adam joined InStove in early 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a graduate credential in education. He has worked in non-profits work in Asia, South America and the Middle East, but was attracted to InStove by the ability to effect so much change with just one technology: clean stoves. His interests include writing and editing.

JD Laurich, Production Manager

JD Laurich

JD is from Warren, Pennsylvania where he received his B.S. in Resource Management from Slippery Rock University. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and began his career working in the agricultural field in Pennsylvania before making his way west to Oregon. JD enjoys carpentry, construction, hiking, fishing, and reading.

Nick Moses , Research and Development Engineer

Nick Moses

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Nick has a degree in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University. In 2008, he accompanied Engineers Without Borders to El Salvador where he worked on a water project, and in 2012, volunteered with Wash United to work on a sanitation education project in India. When he's not testing and tinkering with InStove technologies, Nick likes to travel and play his guitar.

Assa Sylla Traore, Africa Project Coordinator

Stella Strother-Blood

Originally from Mali, Assitan Sylla Traore (Assa) joined InStove with experience in language, diplomacy and government. She holds master’s degrees in linguistics from Moscow State Linguistic University, and in International Studies from the University of Oregon where she was a Fulbright scholar. She is passionate about gender, environmental issues, international development and nonprofit management. In Mali, Assa worked at the Nigerian embassy as special assistant to eight successive ambassadors, and also worked as special assistant at the office of the Prime Minister.

Cory Dawson, Tool Designer and Developer

Cory Dawson

Cory comes to us from Dorena, Oregon, and holds a degree in computer science which he puts to good use designing InStove jigs in CAD. He is a local leader in alternative transportation; he managed a community bike shop and was an area coordinator for bicycle transportation in Eugene.

Roman Corona, Stove Builder

Roman Corona

Roman is originally from Nayarit, Mexico. In his early years as an Oregonian, Roman was a construction apprentice under Fred Colgan, our executive director, before InStove was established. Roman joined the InStove team because he enjoys helping people on a global level with his expert carpentry and construction skills. Roman enjoys soccer and baseball, playing shortstop and left field.

Dennis Hartley, Media and Haiti Projects Coordinator

Dennis Hartley

Dennis was one of InStove's earliest supporters, staff members, and project leaders. He developed our first websites, and has produced most of our videos and photos. He is now focusing on developing InStove programs in Haiti, including a water-pasteurization and autoclave pilot project in 2014.


And Last, But Not Least

Bridey the Wonder Dog, Head of Security

Bridey the Wonder Dog

Bridey is the greeter and maintains security for the Colgan's Island campus of InStove and Aprovecho Research Center. This long-term member of our team has a gruff demeanor which is quickly subverted with a dog biscuit, a pat on the head, or a thrown ball.  Bridey has seven years of non-profit experience. She attends most meetings, particularly when food is involved.

Otto, Security Intern


Otto joins our staff straight out of the kennel. He is adept at getting and holding people's attention, although his can wander.